Are you part of a school undergoing accreditation?

Welcome to the CMSA CACMS accreditation toolkit.

This site is designed by medical student leaders for fellow medical students who are assisting in and with their school’s MD program accreditation.

This guide is designed to supplement the CFMS Accreditation Toolkit and CACMS Role of Medical Students in Accreditation. Our aim is to provide additional clarity and resources to support students assisting with accreditation.

We have done our best to keep this guide succinct and accurate. Please note the tools on this site are accurate as of April 2016.

The toolkit is comprised of a quick summary document as well as core resources broken into sections

Section 1: Introduction to Accreditation, the Calgary accreditation site & Calgary ISA

Please visit the Calgary medical student accreditation site for a primer on CACMS accreditation, and to download/view all Calgary ISA documents, including an accreditation infographic.

Section 2: The Calgary Experience

Here you will find the Calgary ISA methods 

Highlights of the Calgary model which we would recommend students employ are:

  • Running a pre-accreditation survey 4/5 months before the accreditation survey to reflect upon concerns/issues raised by students since the last site visit.
  • Early dissemination of data to the school’s accreditation team.
  • Student & Faculty agreement on core issues/areas of concern, and creation of student-faculty co-chaired working groups to address concerns. These groups must be endorsed and supported by the big Dean.
  • A commitment to student engagement and regular communication from the ISA/ student accreditation leads

As well as tools created by the Calgary team:

Calgary Survey questions

Calgary 51 elements that students can report upon & Calgary element assessment guide

Section 3: Useful external resources

While the ISA is meant to be an independent analysis written by students the Calgary ISA team found it immensely useful to reference and utilize external data and academic literature. Here are a few core resources.

CACMS Resources

AFMC’s Graduate Questionnaire

Critical elements and standards that can lead to an adverse accreditation outcomes 

Section 4: Calgary ISA team CACMS accreditation recommendations

A critical component of the accreditation process is a critical self reflection of the process after the site visit. Here you will find the Calgary ISA team’s exit summary and recommendations

If you should have any questions about the Calgary accreditation process, please do not hesitate to contact:

Brad Prince

CMSA President Class of 2017

Accreditation Student co-lead

Leaders in Medicine MD/MBA Candidate, Class of 2018


Franco Rizzuti

CMSA President Class of 2016

Accreditation Student co-lead

Leaders in Medicine MD/MA Candidate, Class of 2017