June 28th 2017 Meeting

CMSA Meeting Minutes – Wednesday, June 28, 2017




Sarah Smith

Lauren Griggs

Uzair Jogiat

Nicole Thompson

Lenka Stafl

Na’ama Avitzur

Alex Dittrich




Stephanie Smith

Steven Toor


Meeting Agenda (2 hours)

·       Intro (15 mins)

o   Getting food, call for new agenda items 

·       Updates (5 mins) and approve minutes (2 mins)

o   Announcements

o   BIRT that CMSA council approves June minutes to be posted to calgarymsa.com

§  Mover:

§  Seconder:

§  Did not approve at this meeting; to be approved online




Be it resolved that the CMSA accept the changes made to the organizational structure.

              Mover: Uzair Jogiat

              Seconder: Lenka Stafl

              Motion Passes



Presentations, Reports and/or Discussions:

Drafting of Resolutions

Presenter: Uzair Jogiat

Estimated time: 1hr


-          Resolutions to be drafted:

o   Keep 1 VP Events and add 4 event coordinators – Alex will write up resolution and description

§  Election manual will outline what events coordinators will be responsible for and that they could help with any of these events

o   VP Communications document and added IT Officer – Uzair to update template

o   Revert to VP External Provincial and National – Uzair and Stephanie to create template



CMSA Constitution Review

Presenter: Uzair Jogiat

Estimated time: 1hr

Notes on further changes to constitution:

1.      Funding policy added

2.      Clause regarding ties

3.      Clause regarding public vs. private meetings*

4.      Remove Clerkship Committee Reps

5.      Exam reps will move to 2 positions

6.      Electives rep to report to VP Education

7.      FMWC rep to report to VP External

8.      Humanities rep to report to VP Education

9.      Thank you rep to report to VP SAW

10.  International electives rep to report to VP GH

11.  Blood Drive rep to be moved under Event Coordinator

12.  VP GH will talk to FMIG/RMIG about their roles on CMSA

13.  Change to Director of Community Initiatives

o   Will elect one representative, with a budget line, remove interest group for next year

o   Budget requested: $2000 budget -> 2 schools, 2 events each, $1000 each event

14.  GAAC will add advocacy symposium to list of responsibilities and needs to add to template

15.  LOGHE position to be created and selected via internal process in GHC; VP GH will write position template



Selection of Legacy Project

Presenter: Lauren Griggs

Estimated time: 20mins


-          Increase Interest Group funding from $3000-$5000

o   Raise it to $4000

-          Revamp lower gym and update gym membership to Kinetix

o   Lauren and Lenka to research

-          Increase funding for student lounge upgrades

o   New piano for the lounge

o   Espresso machine – Van Heuson

o   Replace couches

-          Money for speakers/events that are one off’s, but are important to class

o   Send out call to class for potentials

-          Panel to bring in key personnel to class

o   They often pay for that; case by case

-          Business cards

o   Through VP’s own budget

-          Meet and Greet for council and UME

o   Would ask UME to pay



Discussion on Leave of Absence vs. Elected CMSA Position

-          2019 LOIH to keep position for 2019 and 2020 years when he returns in 2020 class

-          To be discussed in more detail at next meeting



Other to be discussed items at next meeting:

-          Skills Day – amount, funding; need to invite Alexis