June 9th 2017 Meeting

CMSA Meeting Minutes – Friday, June 9, 2017



Sarah Smith

Lauren Griggs

Uzair Jogiat

Nicole Thompson

Alex Dittrich

Stephanie Smith

Lenka Stafl

Na’ama Avitzur


Meeting Agenda (2 hours)

·       Intro (15 mins)

o   Getting food, call for new agenda items 

·       Updates (5 mins) and approve minutes (2 mins)

o   Type in your updates here before the meeting (http://bit.ly/2bOpUSX). Any critical updates can still be brought forward to council at this time.

o   Announcements

o   BIRT that CMSA council approves May minutes to be posted to calgarymsa.com

§  Mover: Lenka Stafl

§  Seconder: Na’ama Avitzur

§  Motion passes



Presentations, Reports and/or Discussions:

CMSA Constitution Review


Review of the Political Structure

Presenter: Nicole Thompson

Estimated time: 1 hr


-          Elective rep -> under VP Academics

-          Resolution for Interest Groups

o   Interest groups -> FMIG/RMIG shouldn’t be elected into CMSA; change their roles (more specific) and put them under VP External

o   Remove EMIG as elected position

o   Make sure to take interest groups off the website.

-          Director of Community Initiatives – Give budget line, no longer an IG. (Talk to Paige about this)

-          Calgary Guide vs. Black Book: Should both Calgary Guide and Black book Rep be elected. Talk to reps regarding this.

-          Clerkship Committee Rep will be removed from elections handbook (and spring elections). Clerkship representatives or president will fill position if VP Education cannot.

-          RSS – Look at the feasibility of this group. Talk to Kea and Usama.

-          Exam Rep – Will move to two reps.

-          Election Ties – Exec roles will have a re-election. Non-exec roles will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

-          President will talk to Coderre and Busche about GEP and Professionalism Rep. Training in professionalism/conflict resolution.

o   GEP and Professionalism -> both under SAW

-          Humanities Rep – Needs a budget line. Reports to VP GH.

-          Thank you rep – VP SAW

-          VP Events – Create event coordinators (4) for portfolio to delegate specific events.

-          Advocacy Day will now be under GAAC.

-          Discuss Skills Days at a later day (too many, not well received).

-          LOGHE – Will be selected via an internal process in the GHC.

-          International Elective reports to VP GH.

-          CFMS

-          Alberta College of Family Physicians should be elected under VP External

-          Canadian College of Family Physicians

-          Taking the above positions away from FMIG and RMIG ^

-          VP Provincial will be created (AMA Rep)



Deleted positions:

-          Clerkship Rep (2)

-          EMIG (2)

-          Med Show Director

Positions to Discuss:

-          FMIG

-          RMIG

-          FMIG media coordinator

-          Director Community Initiatives

-          Black Book Reps (3)

-          RSS coordinators (2)

-          Professionalism Reps (2)

-          GEP



Reflection of Team Dynamics

Presenter: Lenka Stafl

Estimated time: 1hr