January 2017 Meeting



David Reading

Nilo Abdo

Ruchika Sharma

Ray Yan

Bruce Gao

Katy Petrovitch

Mackenzie Grisdale

Chantal Badger

Lauren Galbraith

Jenny Saunders

Na’ama Avitzur

Sarah Smith

Lauren Griggs

Uzair Jogiat

Nicole Thompson

Alex Dittrich

Emily Macphail

Sunny Ho

Stephanie Smith

Samantha Cheuk




Lenka Stafl

Madison Peaker

Steven Toor



Meeting Agenda (2 hours)

·       Intro (15 mins)

o   Getting food, call for new agenda items 


·       Updates (5 mins) and approve minutes (2 mins)

o   Type in your updates here before the meeting (http://bit.ly/2bOpUSX). Any critical updates can still be brought forward to council at this time.

o   Announcements:

§  Shadowing survey – 170 people have filled it out; want to get more goats to fill it out

§  Head Shave – looking for better ways to promote and get donations (last year, most of it happened the day of)

§  February meeting will be first Monday of month – February 6th

§  Survey – faculty appreciation survey – try to get goats to respond

o   BIRT that CMSA council approves December minutes to be posted to calgarymsa.com

§  Mover: Mackenzie

§  Seconder: Bruce

§  Resolution passes



Update on previous resolutions:

o    BIRT The CMSA consider the establishment of a Climate Change/Medical Sustainability Representative as a non-exec CMSA position. (2-5 min)

§  To be elected with the student executive for the class of 2020

§  Responsible: Danielle Smith

§  Update to come in next meeting from Nicole


o    BIRT that an application process be developed and distributed to all students regarding the 4th participant position at Federal Lobby Day 2016 by December 16, 2016.  (2-5 min)

§  Responsible: Nicole Thompson, Stephanie Smith

§  4 people are going, seems to have worked out well; tabled motion will determine what positions go in 2017


o    BIRT the CMSA supports the proposed renovations to the Bacs Centre (2-5 min)

§  Responsible: Nilo Abdo, Ruchika

§  Coderre said all good!


o    BIRT that the CMSA approves the funding policy for CMSA Student Groups (2-5 min)

§  Responsible: Nilo Abdo, Ruchika

§  Sent out today



Tabled resolutions:

o   BIRT ... the CMSA amend our constitution to include the stipulation that student roles (with earmarked budget items) involving the representation of the CMSA or the general student body to external bodies (as a voting or consulting member) with influence over the student experience (for example, the CFMS, AMA, CMA or CPSA) be generally elected positions. (10 min)

§  Dismissed


o   BIRT that The CMSA will send the following elected positions annually to Federal Lobby Day: VP External, GAAC and GHA beginning in September 2017. (10 min)

§  Motion tabled until next meeting


o   BIRT that a document which contains all major events hosted by CMSA members and University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine Interest Groups be created, updated and available to all U of C medicine students. (10 min)

§  Motion tabled until next meeting

§  New clubs policy – enter events into calendar

§  Mover: Nicole Thompson



Additional Resolutions:

·       BIRT the CMSA formally cease development of the potential scholarship fund discussed in the Fall of 2015.

o   Mover: David Reading

o   Seconder: Steph Smith

o   Resolution passes


·       BIRT the following be approved as parliamentary procedures for CMSA Meetings

o   Order of Business

1.      Call to Order

2.      Notation of member’s present

3.      Approval and/or amendment of minutes

4.      Presentations, reports and/or discussions

5.      Special orders

6.      Unfinished business

7.      New business

8.      Announcements

9.      Adjournment

o   Details of Debate

1.      Debate will proceed in a pro/con manner (3 pros followed by 3 cons)

2.      Questions will be dealt with prior to moving on to the next speaker (Point of Information)

3.      Members can reference Roberts Rules for the CMSA during meetings, and the membership can introduce new elements that they see fit in future CMSA meetings. Additional details: I will be posting this and the additional long-form of the Roberts Rules document that I created on our CMSA Facebook page.

o   Mover: Sarah Smith

o   Seconder: Nicole Thompson

o   Should talk about changes that were made previously and how they are working

o   Amendment:

§  Change “presentation and/or reports” to “presentations, reports and/or discussions”

§  Mover: Nicole

§  Seconder: Na’ama

§  Amendment passes

o   Resolution passes


·       BIRT the CMSA will allocate $50 to a card and gift basket to be delivered to April Gustavson, on behalf of the classes of 2017, 2018, and 2019, to remind her during this rough time how much she’s cared about.

o   Mover: Ruchika

o   Seconder: Steph

o   Resolution passes