February 2017 Meeting


David Reading

Nilo Abdo

Bruce Gao

Katy Petrovitch

Chantal Badger

Lauren Galbraith

Na’ama Avitzur

Sarah Smith

Lauren Griggs

Uzair Jogiat

Nicole Thompson

Sunny Ho

Madison Peaker

Samantha Cheuk

Alex Dittrich

Stephanie Smith

Lenka Stafl

Ruchika Sharma

Steven Toor

Emily Macphail




Mackenzie Grisdale

Jenny Saunders

Ray Yan



Meeting Agenda (2 hours)

·       Intro (15 mins)

o   Getting food, call for new agenda items 


·       Updates (5 mins) and approve minutes (2 mins)

o   Type in your updates here before the meeting (http://bit.ly/2bOpUSX). Any critical updates can still be brought forward to council at this time.

o   Announcements:

§  Need a second VP events

§  Need to review organizational chart

o   BIRT that CMSA council approves January minutes to be posted to calgarymsa.com

§  Mover: David Reading

§  Seconder: Sunny Ho




Presentations, Reports and/or Discussions:

Motion to make the Skills Chair position for the Medical Skills day an elected CMSA position.

Presenter: Melissa Bouwsema

Estimated time: 5 min


-          Looking to make it an elected position for 2 positions

-          Want to make sure it doesn’t overlap and other groups are doing the same thing

-          Could clubs director help to organize this event by working with the individual interest groups?

-          Would be elected in Spring election



Discussion on Transition

Presenters: Katy Petrovitch, Small Groups

Estimated time: 30 min


-          For next meeting, figure out what money could be put towards



Current Global Health Structure and alignment of positions/interest groups

Presenter: Nicole Thompson

Estimated time: 7 min


-          Presentation on overlap between student groups and Global Health portfolio

-          Want alignment and communication to improve




Unfinished Business:

BIRT the following be approved as parliamentary procedures for CMSA Meetings

Order of Business

1. Call to Order

2. Notation of members present

3. Approval and/or amendment of minutes

4. Presentations, reports and/or discussions

5. Special orders

6. Unfinished business

7. New business

8. Announcements

9. Adjournment

Details of Debate

1. Debate will proceed in a pro/con manner (3 pros followed by 3 cons)

2. Questions will be dealt with prior to moving on to the next speaker (Point of Information)

3. Members can reference Roberts Rules for the CMSA during meetings, and the membership can introduce new elements that they see fit in future CMSA meetings.

Additional details: I will be posting this and the additional long-form of the Roberts Rules document that I created on our CMSA Facebook page.

Mover: Sarah Smith


-          Will bring laminated forms next time with information, baby steps in implementing this



BIRT the CMSA will allocate $50 to a card and gift basket to be delivered to April Gustavson, on behalf of the classes of 2017, 2018, and 2019, to remind her during this rough time how much she’s cared about.

Update: email went out today, basket was delivered, under $50 




New Business

BIRT the position of Skills Day co-chair becomes an elected position, in the Spring Election for each respective class.

Additional details: Currently there is no formalized process for selecting the 2 individuals that will lead the Skills Day committee (composed of interest group representatives). Skills Day is an annual event.

Mover: Lauren Galbraith

Seconder: Madison Peaker

Motion not passed


Feedback: Put under FMIG/RMIG?



BIRT VP External will be responsible for selecting class members to attend any External events associated with CFMS, AMA, CMA and Federal Lobby Day. When a conflict of interest is present VP External will request that President select two CMSA executive members to assist VP External in the selection process. (10 minutes)

Mover: Stephanie Smith

Seconder: Nicole Thompson

Motion passed



BIRT pending the annual $2000 in funding supplied by the UME under the title "IFMSA" be used to send one student to the annual spring International Federation of Medical Student's Conference, and that this student will be selected through an application submitted to the Senior VP External, Senior President and Junior President.

Mover: Chantal Badger

Seconder: Nicole Thompson

Motion passed