September 2016 Meeting

CMSA Meeting (September 7, 2016)



Samantha Cheuk

Chantal Badger

Ray Yan

Sunny Ho

Uzair Jogiat

Nilo Abdo

Ruchika Sharma

Mackenzie Grisdale

Katy Petrovich

Jenny Saunders

Madison Peaker

Lauren Galbraith

Franco Rizzuti

David Reading

Emily Macphail

Brad Prince

Steven Toor, from main campus



Updates – VP Global Health – focused group on curriculum, will do another one to get more people to this meeting.  (want us to ask others to come along to the focused group meeting). 


August CMSA minutes approved to be posted to

Mover and Seconded


Previous Resolutions

BIRT All profit-generating organizations are required to donate in order to participate in the information fair (5 mins) – no updates


BIRT we remove the position of director of career advising under the VP SAW position.  If needed, the reps listed under the position can be moved under VP SAW. – no updates


BIRT that we have a CMSA Booth at Clubs Fair


BIRT that we have a CMSA Meet and Greet on August 17th (2 mins) – hoping that it will be longer and earlier in the year next time.   Also perhaps a different room, perhaps Clara Christie (since it was quite packed).


Tabled from Last Meeting




Update from Steven Toor

Worked with U of C Provost – resolving issue that all incoming classes with get U-Pass starting first day of school.  (so not waiting till September when the other faculties are in school).



Be it resolved that…


1)    BIRT CMSA council accepts the constitutional changes that incorporate the new CMSA organizational structure (10 mins) – Franco has put the changes into the official CMSA constitution.  Franco and Bruce will be responsible to incorporate the changes.


Proposal:  To be tabled for the next meeting (before the constitution changes can be fully accepted and agreed upon.


Mover: Bruce

All approved.


2)    BIRT the council approves the new CMSA budget for the 2016-2017 term under the revised organizational structure (10 mins) – accepted.


Mover: Katy

All approved.


3)    BIRT CMSA reviews the UME funding amounts and creates an action plan to use the funds available to us. (10 mins)


Mover: Katy

All approved.


Katy will work with Mackenzie and Chantal to make sure that we get the funds from the UME.  They will look into possible avenues that we can take to ensure that this can happen.  Will be revisited in the October meeting.


4)    BIRT CMSA develops an action plan to get more students completing surveys at end of course (10 mins) –


Potential Solutions? If we draft a proposal where we deliver these surveys out to the class during mandatory lectures, perhaps that might be a solution.  Or maybe if the survey is placed in the “review” sessions whereby they must be filled out in order for students to review their exams?


Mover: Katy

Seconded: David

All approved.


5)    BIRT the CMSA supports making the bathrooms next to Theatre Four gender neutral as soon as possible (10 mins). Already being done (brought up by students from our class).  The idea is that the CMSA will support this decision and will add our voice to this action plan.  (This plan will have to go through Campus Planning).  Franco, Mackenzie and Bruce will open up conversation with Dean to support this.


Mover: Mackenzie and Bruce

Seconder: Nilo

All approved.


6)    BIRT that CMSA supports a proposal that all single use washrooms in the Health Sciences Building be made into gender-neutral washrooms as soon as possible.


Mover: Mackenzie

Seconder: Sunny

All approved.


7)    BIRT students not in the MD program can join CMSA student groups, depending on the group’s policy (10 mins)


In general, we agree on this resolution.  We need to figure out how to apply this.  Suggestions?  Perhaps we can follow the SU Clubs Model, where we need a certain amount of percentage of students in a group being medical students? 


Amendment: BIRT a CMSA-endorsed group of students come up with an exact definition to go through with this action plan.  We support the notion, but we need a detailed solution.


Mover: Nilo



8)    BIRT CMSA creates an informal orientation and mixer for the incoming Dhole in September (10 mins).  (October meeting will be their first official meeting).


Proposed day will be September 27th.  But need to ensure that the new Dholes CMSA members will be available.  Uzair and Bruce will work together to draft up a message to announce and make this event official.


Mover: Bruce

Seconder: Uzair

All approved.


Hands in!