October 2016 Meeting

CMSA Meeting Minutes – Monday, October 3, 2016



Samantha Cheuk

David Reading

Nilo Abdo

Ruchika Sharma

Ray Yan

Bruce Gao

Mackenzie Grisdale

Lauren Galbraith

Madison Peaker

Jenny Saunders

Na’ama Avitzur

Sarah Smith

Stephanie Smith

Lauren Griggs

Lenka Stafl

Uzair Jogiat

Nicole Thompson



Sunny Ho,  Steven Toor


Meeting Agenda (2 hours)

·      Intro (15 mins)

o   Ice breaker, getting food, intro new people, call for new agenda items

o   Housekeeping: Meetings used to be held every first Wednesday of the month, but due to Dhole availability (Family Med Experience), it has been moved to every first Monday of the month at 5:45pm in room 1405A.

o   Food: Please update the google form that Emily set up: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-yTLJ3C4Vj6IoKmxKcFVdcWWW0DPlnMzZ4IdQBydJic/edit


·      Updates (5 mins) and approve September minutes (2 mins)

o   Type in your updates here before the meeting (http://bit.ly/2bOpUSX). Any critical updates can still be brought forward to council at this time.

·      Update on previous resolutions

o   BIRT the council approves the new CMSA budget for the 2016-2017 term under the revised organizational structure (2 mins)

§  Responsible: Katy

o   BIRT CMSA reviews the UME funding amounts and creates an action plan to use the funds available to us (5 mins)

§  Responsible: Katy, Chantal, Mackenzie

§  Will need more than a month to accomplish. Group would like an extension.

o   BIRT CMSA develops an action plan to get more students completing surveys at end of course (2 mins) 

§  Responsible: David and Katy

§  In progress. So far, the course 6 leadership is open to leave 10 minutes at the end of mandatory classes for students to fill out the surveys (protected time)

§  Dr. Wayne Woloschuk is working on paring down the questions to reduce redundancy in survey questions

o   BIRT that CMSA supports a proposal that all single occupant washrooms in the Health Sciences Building be made into gender-neutral washrooms as soon as possible (2 mins)

§  Emma can use the CMSA support as well as the student body to have this as a front to move this forward

§  Emma has signs ordered already- need to still be installed

§  Responsible: Franco, Bruce, Mackenzie


o   BIRT that CMSA council defines what a student group actually entails, especially for funding and CMSA website presence

§  Amendment: BIRT a CMSA-endorsed group of students come up with an exact definition to go through with this action plan.  We support the notion, but we need a detailed solution.

§  A definition of what would count as a CMSA-endorsed groups and what support we can give to student groups in terms of funding.

§  Table this resolution with a new proposal

§  Responsible: Nilo, Ruchika


o   BIRT that CMSA develops a funding framework or process for interest groups to secure funding

§  Student groups have a majority of MD Students

§  Funding is up to 500 dollars with an application process

§  Table this resolution

§  Responsible: Nilo, Katy, Lauren, Ruchika


o   BIRT that CMSA develops a funding framework or process for interested groups to secure funding


o   BIRT CMSA creates an informal orientation and mixer for the incoming Dhole in September (2 mins)

§  Responsible: Uzair, Bruce, Katy

o   BIRT CMSA creates an informal orientation and mixer for the incoming Dholes in September (2mins)

§  Responsible: Uzair and Bruce


·      Tabled from last meeting

o   BIRT CMSA council accepts the constitutional changes that incorporate the new CMSA organizational structure (5 mins) 

§  Responsible: Franco and Brad

§  Email your amendments to Franco

§  Passed

·      Resolutions

o   BIRT the CMSA develop an "Elective Roadmap” to aid students in the decisions they should be making prior to and during the selection of Clerkship Electives, for which a goat and dhole task force will be developed that liases with the UME (10 mins)

§  Mover: David Reading

§  Roadmap will have to be vague (policies change every year) but it will offer a good set of timelines for students. Ideally played out by UME but also could have a spot on the CMSA website for students to refer to as a resource.

§  Resolution passed

§  Seconder: Nicole

§  Responsible: David, […]

o   BIRT the CMSA propose that timely notice and direction be given to students around planning Electives earlier (near the end of Course 4) (10 mins)

§  Mover: David Reading

§  Details are not set in stone

§  Use Osler to have a road map with links to documents

§  Forced mentorship models as seen in CFMS

§  Will also consider adding summer electives as part of this roadmap

o   BIRT a formation for a subcommittee  

o   BIRT the CMSA develop more specific objectives for the Electives Representative re: their responsibilities during the Clerkship Elective selection period (10 mins)

§  Mover: David Reading

§  Table this resolution for next month and invite electives rep from goats and dholes

§  Seconder: Sam

§  Unanimously tabled

o   BIRT We develop a letter as student council as to how we view the new parking changes and to advocate for our classmates affected by this - and to bring up the issue with UME, as it potentially affects accessibility to attending classes (10 min) - Mover: Ray

§  Draft a 1 page letter to send to UME/ AHS parking authority to have signed off by the CMSA student council

§  Responsible: Ray and Bruce will draft a letter to propose to council to approve at the next meeting

§  Mover: Ray

§  Seconded: Madison

§  Unanimously passed

o   BIRT The student council decide on the best and most efficient way to select a new IT officer from the class of 2019 for CMSA duty. Where the previous Dholes elections officer is consulted and a message is drafted to elect a new elections officer and IT officer. These positions will be confirmed by vote of confidence in the spring. (10 min)

§  CMSA needs to fill the position (email the new class and that the position is open)

§  Uzair and Lauren is willing to communicate this new request to the Dholes class after speaking

§  Appointing roles is also a possibility and then have a vote of confidence

§  Mover: Ray

§  Seconder: Stephanie

§  Responsible: Uzair

§  Unanimously passed


BIRT that CMSA develop a large banner/sign for future events – to signify that an event is endorsed by CMSA (ex. Interview days, Clubs day, advocacy day, etc..)

-Cost is possibly around 300 dollars budget. 

-Person to be responsible - Lenka

Mover: Mackenzie

Unanimous decision – Motion Passed.  Will be brought up in the next meeting.


·      Hands In!!!