November 2016 Meeting

CMSA Meeting Minutes – Monday, November 7, 2016




Samantha Cheuk

David Reading

Nilo Abdo

Ruchika Sharma

Ray Yan

Bruce Gao

Chantal Badger

Katy Petrovitch

Mackenzie Grisdale

Lauren Galbraith

Madison Peaker

Jenny Saunders

Na’ama Avitzur

Sarah Smith

Lauren Griggs

Lenka Stafl

Uzair Jogiat

Nicole Thompson

Alex Dittrich

Emily Macphail

Sunny Ho

Steven Toor




Stephanie Smith


Meeting Agenda (2 hours)

·      Intro (15 mins)

o   Ice breaker, getting food, call for new agenda items

o   Food: Please update the google form that Emily set up:


·      Updates (5 mins) and approve October minutes (2 mins)

o   Type in your updates here before the meeting ( Any critical updates can still be brought forward to council at this time.

o   SU Updates

§  Won injunction hearing -  SU now manages all bookings for Mac Hall

§  Pet therapy Nov 22nd (Feasby lounge)

§  Board games and pizza Nov 30th (Feasby lounge)

o   BIRT that CMSA council approves October minutes to be posted to

§  Mover: Ray

§  Seconder: Katy



·      Update on previous resolutions

o   BIRT CMSA reviews the UME funding amounts and creates an action plan to use the funds available to us (5 mins)

§  Responsible: Katy, Chantal, Mackenzie

§  Got $2000, look to get next $2000 in December


o   BIRT We develop a letter as student council as to how we view the new parking changes and to advocate for our classmates affected by this - and to bring up the issue with UME, as it potentially affects accessibility to attending classes (10 min)

§  1-page letter drafted to send to UME/ AHS parking authority to have signed off by the CMSA student council

§  Send it off tonight after edits incorporated

§  Responsible: Ray


o   BIRT The student council decide on the best and most efficient way to select a new IT officer from the class of 2019 for CMSA duty. Where the previous Dholes elections officer is consulted and a message is drafted to elect a new elections officer and IT officer. These positions will be confirmed by vote of confidence in the spring. (10 min)

§  One person who was interested in election’s officer; has been put in touch with Goat election’s officer (Victoria Nkunu)

§  IT officer – new name “Communications director”, position filled (Michelle Workun-Hill) – she is the one we get in contact with when we need to send something out; start weekly newsletter and will set up weekly updates, manages calendar

§  Responsible: Ray, Uzair


o   BIRT the CMSA develop an "Elective Roadmap” to aid students in the decisions they should be making prior to and during the selection of Clerkship Electives, for which a goat and dhole task force will be developed that liases with the UME (10 mins)

§  Responsible: Lauren Galbraith, Ruchika

§  Document started by Lauren; will be finished by Ruchika and Lauren this month and presented to CMSA next meeting; everyone will read it, get it approved and completed before clerkship


o   BIRT the CMSA propose that timely notice and direction be given to students around planning Electives earlier (near the end of Course 4) (10 mins)

§  Still working on it; similar to above resolution

§  Responsible: David


o   BIRT that CMSA develop a large banner/sign for future events – to signify that an event is endorsed by CMSA (ex. Interview days, Clubs day, advocacy day, etc..)

o   Sarah got quote from Imagine Printing (does all of U of C banners); between options, actual banner stays the same, stand changes with both options

§  Option 1: $276+ tax (1-year warranty)

§  Option 2: $420+ tax (5-year warranty)

§  $80/hr for design (2 hours to design)

o   Are we willing to design it ourselves? Do we want a better quality sign?

o   Responsible: Lenka, Sarah


o   BIRT the CMSA develop more specific objectives for the Electives Representative re: their responsibilities during the Clerkship Elective selection period (10 mins)

§  Responsible: David Reading

§  Resolution tabled until next meeting



·      Tabled from last meeting

o   BIRT that CMSA develops a funding framework or process for interest groups to secure funding

§  Responsible: Nilo, Katy, Lauren, Ruchika

§  Develop funding policy; UME wants to build theirs off ours

§  Can give out $10,000 a year (from increase in fees); three application deadlines – up to $500/submission

§  Have to provide information why they need funding and committee will determine who is and isn’t successful – dependent on money and applications received

§  Needs revision


o   BIRT that CMSA council defines what a student group actually entails, especially for funding and CMSA website presence

§  Amendment: BIRT that CMSA student groups will operate as per guidelines posted on the CMSA website

§  Voted to accept amendment

§  Want to figure out who is eligible; each group is supposed to hold 2 events, track what they do; application process doesn’t screen for this, needs to be revamped – want to make sure that groups will hold at least 2 events and that 15 members will go, majority of members (75%) are CMSA members

§  Table this resolution with a new proposal

§  Mover: Lauren

§  Seconder: Lenka

§  Responsible: Nilo, Ruchika, Lenka



·      Resolutions

o   BIRT that the inaugural medical student advocacy symposium be named the Calgary Medical Students’ Association Advocacy Symposium

§  Mover: Mackenzie

§  Seconder: Ruchika

§  Responsible: Mackenzie


o   BIRT that the CMSA accepts the support of the AMA in regards to the inaugural Advocacy Symposium, with a disclaimer of being without Adium Insurance

§  Mover: Mackenzie

§  AMA will give us money to help with printing posters for the event

§  Seconder: Sam

§  Responsible: Mackenzie


o   BIRT the CMSA VP External Budget line for the CFMS AGM for 2016-2017 be increased from $5000-$7000

§  Mover: Chantal

§  Seconder: David

§  Need more money to cover costs of registration and would like more money for following years; supported by budget


o   BIRT that $7,000 is budgeted towards student group funding under the SAW budget line for 2016, additional years will be discussed during annual budget creation. With an additional electronic vote for the funding framework in 2 weeks following November 7, 2016.

§  Mover: Ruchika

§  Seconder: Nilo

§  Responsible: Ruchika, Nilo, Lauren Griggs, Katy


o   BIRT that CMSA’s large sign be designed, budgeted and printed with VP SAW (Lenka) and VP Academic (Sarah) with VP Op-Fi’s (Lauren, Katy) consultation, to their discretion

§  Mover: Mackenzie

§  Seconder: Nile

§  Responsible: Lenka, Sarah, Lauren, Katy


o   BIRT the CMSA make an executive decision to appoint Mike Sage to the Family Medicine Interest Group

§  Mover: Uzair

§  Seconder: No seconder

§  Proceed to a by-election


o   BIRT that a working group will amend the joint letter between student leaders and administration regarding recent medical learner suicides in Canada

§  Mover: Bruce

§  Seconder: Nicole

§  Responsible: Nilo, Ruchika, Emily, Lenka

§  What are the responses from other medical schools in regards to these issues; some schools are taking similar strategy to us, others are sending general wellness letter

§  Want to post this letter as soon as possible, but we need to get edits from council – VP SAW’s will have edits in by Wednesday at noon, take it to Dr. Cusano, have it ready to go by Thursday evening to council, can go out on Monday

§  CC working group to Drs Cusano and Coderre to let them know plan going forward and when we will send it out


·      Hands in!!!