December 2016 Meeting

CMSA Meeting Minutes – Monday, December 5, 2016




Samantha Cheuk

David Reading

Nilo Abdo

Ruchika Sharma

Ray Yan

Bruce Gao

Chantal Badger

Katy Petrovitch

Lauren Galbraith

Madison Peaker

Na’ama Avitzur

Sarah Smith

Lenka Stafl

Uzair Jogiat

Nicole Thompson

Alex Dittrich

Emily Macphail

Sunny Ho

Danielle Smith (Global Health Advocate)

Stephanie Smith



Lauren Griggs

Mackenzie Grisdale

Steven Toor

Jenny Saunders


Meeting Agenda (2 hours)

·      Intro (Icebreaker)

·      What do you like most about the holiday season?


November CMSA Minutes

BIRT that CMSA council approves November minutes to be posted to

(Unanimous Approval)


BIRT The CMSA consider the establishment of a Climate Change/Medical Sustainability Representative as a non-exec CMSA position.

(To be elected with the student executive for the class of 2020)

Mover: Danielle Smith (Unanimous approval)

Seconder: Nicole Thompson

Responsible: Danielle Smith


BIRT that a working group will amend the joint letter between student leaders and administration regarding recent medical learner suicides in Canada (5 min)

Responsible: Nilo, Ruchika, Lenka, Emilly


BIRT that CMSA student groups will operate as per guidelines posted on the CMSA website (2 mins)

Responsible: Nilo, Ruchika, Lenka


BIRT the inaugural medical student advocacy sympoisium be named the Calgary Medical Student’s Association Symposium

Responsible: Mackenzie


BIRT the CMSA VP External Budget line for the CFMS AGM be increased

Responsible: Chantal


BIRT the CMSA accepts the support of the AMA in regards to the Inaugural Advocacy Symposium

Responsible: Mackenzie


BIRT 7000 dollars is budgeted towards student group funding under the SAW budget line for this year 2016-2017, additional years will be discussed during annual budget creation.  With an additional electronic vote for the funding framework in 2 weeks following November 7, 2016 Responsible: Ruchika


BIRT CMSA’s large sign be designed, budgeted and printed to the discretion of VP SAW (Lenka) and VP Academic (Sarah), with VP Op-Fi’s (Lauren, Katy) consultation

Responsible: Lenka, Sarah


BIRT the CMSA develop more specific objectives for the Electives Representative re: their responsibilities during the Clerkship Elective selection period

Responsible: David




Additional Resolutions


BIRT ... the CMSA amend our constitution to include the stipulation that student roles (with earmarked budget items) involving the representation of the CMSA or the general student body to external bodies (as a voting or consulting member) with influence over the student experience (for example, the CFMS, AMA, CMA or CPSA) be generally elected positions.

(Motion to Table until next meeting)

Mover: Chantal

Opposed: David Reading

Seconder: Sarah Smith


BIRT that an application process be developed and distributed to all students regarding the 4th participant position at Federal Lobby Day 2016 by December 16, 2016. 

Call to Motion Seconded

Mover: Nicole Thompson

Responsible: Nicole Thompson, Stephanie Smith

Seconder: Alex Dittrich


BIRT that The CMSA will send the following elected positions annually to Federal Lobby Day: VP External, GAAC and GHA beginning in September 2017.

(Motion to Table until next meeting)

Unanimous Decision


BIRT that a document which contains all major events hosted by CMSA members and University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine Interest Groups be created, updated and available to all U of C medicine students.

(Call to Table until next meeting)

Mover: Nicole Thompson



BIRT the CMSA supports the proposed renovations to the Bacs Centre


Mover: Nilo Abdo

Seconder: Ruchika

(Unanimous Decision – Motion Passed)


BIRT that the CMSA approves the funding policy for CMSA Student Groups


Mover: Nilo Abdo

Seconder: Sunny Ho

Unanimous Decision- Motion Passed