June 2016 Meeting

CMSA Meeting June 9, 2016


In Attendance:

Franco Rizzuti

Bruce Gao

David Reading

Mackenzie Grisdale

Ruchika Sharma

Nilo Abdo

Chantal Badger

Sunny Ho

Ray Yan

Madison Peaker

Emily MacPhail

Samantha Cheuk

Steven (if main campus)


Not in attendance: Jenny Saunders, Katy Petrovich,


Ice Breaker

-Complimenting the person next to you!



A brief description of happenings, issues and ongoing work in the past month from each role.



Working on CMSA Re-Organization Framework, Mental Health page on CMSA website


VP Finance

Information Fair on July 7th, raised $13,000! 


Western Rep

Summary executive meeting


VP Academics

CFMS Round-table

Post-accreditation meeting (in-depth review of curriculum)

Change in rewrite situation (don’t have to re-write peri anymore if pass peri the first time around)


VP Athletics

IceBowl – website/social media is live, video launched. 

Brainstorming session for Med Olympics


VP CFMS/National

Resolution for CMFS


VP Student Affairs

Bacs center will be revamped, will be involved.


VP Provincial

CMA General Council

Make a committee to help out with advocacy week


VP Social

Planning orientation events, cultural tours events set up, ice bowl events,


VP Communications

Update on Email fiasco


VP Global Health

Rich Man Poor Man selecting organizations to donate to

Fun Run for Global Health


CFMS President

CFMS Exec Meeting

Wellness big focus

Academic data



Tabled from Last meeting (Ice Bowl online presence)


***Be it resolved that we include a link on the CMSA events page to the new Ice Bowl 2016 website***



Update on Previous Resolutions

1)    Be it resolved that presidents create a brown bag lunch where someone from main campus disseminates the information to the class before pre-clerkship electives – with Dean Meddings and Dr. Coderre present potentially.  (update: twenty one Narwhals showed up at convocation)


2)    Be it resolved that regarding celebration, to build a new tradition - VP Socials work with 2017 Socials to brainstorm a new celebration and to present it to council in a future meeting.  



3)   Be it resolved that VP External, VP Comms, VP Social will get together to propose a communications strategy for June grad/May celebration for presenting info before Brown Bag Forum


***Be it resolved that we drop 1 and 3.  Don’t need brown bag lunch. Inform the class regarding when grad will be.  (May banquet and June convocation)*** Unanimous approval 


Resolution 1

    Be it resolved that CMSA supports the relocation of Admissions to the highlighted space in the BACS centre (see attached “Admissions in BACS") to prioritize student confidentiality, and refresh the face of admissions for applicants

                        Mover: Dr Ian Walker

                        Seconder: Bruce Gao


Community Affairs and Alumni Affairs are interested in the space as well.

Loss of student space?   24-hour resource space for students.

Separate entrance perhaps? 

With Adele’s retirement, it is more logical to separate Admissions with Student Affairs. 

Be it be resolved that we are supporting the physical separation of Admissions with Student Affairs, but not yet fully supporting the move of either administration to that space, without some amendments.  We should table further discussion to the next meeting.  Resolution Passed with majority approving resolution.  1 member abstaining from decision. 


Resolution 2

    Be it be resolved that the new organizational structure be implemented for the class council of 2019. 

     “Strat Plan Notes"

    Full-executive meeting monthly.

    Resolution 2 Implementation:

    1) Edit the Elections Document to incorporate the new organizational structure with description.  Include the new biweekly and monthly meeting structure.

    2) Carve out the Director Transition role

    3) Transition Documents

    Do we support the transition?

    Change will always be messy, but that’s how we become stronger!

Mover: Bruce Gao

Seconder: David

Resolution Passed.


Be it be resolved that a social event to “Mooses” prior to 2019 election be created to give an opportunity for future student council members to be informed of what each role entails.  Resolution Passed.


July Meeting:

No set meeting because of pre-clerkship electives.  But perhaps we can have a communications email regarding CMSA updates, etc.. Work on relevant sections in Elections Manual (on a google doc) so that it can be sent to UME/by August (complete by August meeting).  Transitions Doc (separate google doc) includes more detail (may not be completed by August). 


Be it resolved that the meeting minutes are not posted on the CMSA website until after they are approved next meeting.