August 2016 Meeting

CMSA Meeting August 3, 2016


In Attendance:

Bruce Gao

David Reading

Mackenzie Grisdale

Ruchika Sharma

Nilo Abdo

Sunny Ho

Ray Yan

Lauren Galbraith

Emily Macphail

Samantha Cheuk

Katy Petrovich

Jenny Saunders

Steven (if main campus)


Not in attendance: Chantal Badger, Madison Peaker


Ice Breaker


-Three Word Description to describe your electives




Any critical updates can be brought up here.  Otherwise, please update the Google Document.

Google Document has been edited. 


June CMSA Minutes

BIRT that CMSA council approves June minutes to be posted to

Mover: Bruce

Seconder: David




-BIRT CMSA supports the physical separation of Admissions with Student Affairs, but not yet fully supporting the move of either administration to that space, without some amendments. (5 mins)

Mover: David

Responsible: Bruce


Update: The ball is currently in their court.  If they want more opinion from the student union, then they can get back to us. 


-BIRT that a communications email regarding CMSA updates, etc be sent in July

Responsible: Bruce


Update: It has been fulfilled!


-BIRT a social event to “Mooses” prior to 2019 election be created to give an opportunity for future student council members to be informed of what each role entails (10 mins)

Responsible: VP Socials and David 


Update:  We did not follow up on this yet.  We might be too busy during these next few weeks because of our course load.  Maybe first week of September? Perhaps switch to a lunch?  Then afterwards, interested candidates can get a hold of each one of us.  Perhaps have a CMSA booth at the Clubs Fair? 


Have a booth at the CMSA Clubs Fair and pull the trigger for a lunch (August 30th or 31st?  August 9th or 10th or 17th?) so that we can answer questions that interested candidates may have.  We are leaning towards August 17th lunch-time.

Responsible for booking room/logistics: Lauren and David

Booth at CMSA: Nilo and Ruchika


-BIRT that we have a CMSA Booth at Clubs Fair. 

Motion: Bruce

Seconder: Ruchika


-BIRT that we have a CMSA Meet and Greet on August 17th.

Motion: Bruce

Seconder: Ray


-BIRT the new organizational structure be implemented for the class council of 2019 (20 mins mins)

Responsible: Council


Update: VP Education and VP Social still need to complete their Google Doc Elections Document.  Once document is completed, it will be sent to Jiayu and to the new elections officer. 

This elections document needs to be approved. 




-BIRT we approve the new CMSA role descriptions to be released to the Class of 2019 through their Elections Officer (15 mins)

Update: Approving the Google Doc so that it can be sent to the Class of 2019.


Mover: Bruce

Seconder: Katy


-BIRT All profit-generating companies are required to donate in order to participate in the information fair (10 minutes)

Update: All profit-generating companies are required to donate.  (The ones that will make money off of students).  The exact amount will be determined by those involved with the Information Fair (Katy, etc..).


Mover: Katy

Seconder: MacKenzie


-BIRT We remove the position of Director of Career Advising under the VP SAW position.  If needed, the reps listed under the position (career day rep, international elective rep, and clerkship elective rep) can be moved directly under VP SAW (10 mins).

Update:  Perhaps it is not needed.  The reps may be able to fulfill that capacity without the VP SAW Position being necessary.  It can be changed in our constitution as well. 


Mover: Ruchika

Seconder: Sunny