May 2016 Meeting

CMSA Meeting May 4, 2016



Emily MacPhail

Bruce Gao

David Reading

Jenny Saunders

Mackenzie Grisdale

Ruchika Sharma

Nilo Abdo

Samantha Cheuk

Katy Petrovich

Chantal Badger

Danielle Tougas

Sunny Ho

Ray Yan

Madison Peaker


Not in attendance: Lauren Galbraith


Ice Breaker

April Resolutions Follow-Up

-Ombuds info sent to SA

-Quality money information

-Global Health page creation on CMSA website (Bruce and Sam will meet up to talk about this after meeting)



-lots of petition papers passed

-ex. funding for Indigenous officers for AGM

-papers passed are available on CFMS website

-Talking about CMA rep at each of the school?


CCME for UME educators

-CARMS data (less into Family Medicine (down 2% to ~38%, concerning trend), percentage of students being unmatched. 46 students unmatched after Round 2. 44 spots available in Quebec.  Unmatched students are a concern nationally.)

-Franco is CFMS President



Resolution 1

Be it resolved that the CMSA approves the inclusion of Icebowl information on the current CMSA website.  The Icebowl committee is proposing the addition of a new tab under CMSA website to promote and inform students about Icebowl in September 2016.


If there are sponsors involved, it should not be placed on the CMSA website?  Perhaps create a new domain for Ice Bowl and link it to CMSA?  Disclaimer to be placed onto website?  So perhaps not a new tab, but rather just a link to be placed on the CMSA website, but have the Icebowl website as a separate domain.

Will be tabled until next meeting.  Sunny will have discussion with website designer. 


Resolution 2

Be it resolved that… some action plan about Goat Graduation

Additional details: see details in email about Goat Graduation

VP Social 2017 were reluctant but open to bumping the May formal a few weeks, so that a May ceremony could be later. We looked at the calendar and realized that the 2 later weeks in May were the long weekend, then the start of Ramadan, so neither weekend was a good choice. Thus we as a collective decided to hold the May formal in early May.


Past presidents are currently in discussions with UME and main campus about a May ceremony and timing. We anticipate disappointment from main campus that we were unable to move the formal later into May. We will keep the Goats council abreast of developments.

Main campus' dominant strategy is June for 2018, advocacy or no advocacy.  Likely June ceremony for the Goats (but potential “Iron ring/Hippocrates oath” celebration in May). We will continue to have internal meetings.  We have to figure out how to share this info with the rest of the class.


Be it resolved that regarding celebration, to build a new tradition - VP Socials work with 2017 Socials to brainstorm a new celebration and to present it to council in a future meeting.  Resolved, unanimous decision, passed.

Brown bag – be it resolved that presidents create a brown bag lunch where someone from main campus disseminates the information to the class before pre-clerkship electives – with Dean Meddings and Dr. Coderre present potentially.

Create a timeline in terms of when to communicate this, what communication to make, and present it to council for next meeting.

Will wait for Brown bag forum to be scheduled.  Unanimous decision, passed.

Depending on Brown Bag forum, VP External, VP Comms, VP Social will get together to propose a communications strategy for June grad/May celebration for presenting info before Brown Bag Forum.  Unanimous decision, passed.